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  • 5 Boat-Rental Tips For Beginners

    Are you considering a boat rental for your next trip to Delray Beach, FL? Maybe you’re new to boat rentals—or boats in general—and need a few suggestions for how to reserve a rental and maneuver the craft.


    1. Book your boat rental early.

    During peak vacation season (including holidays and weekends), our Florida boat rentals go quickly. Book a boat rental as soon as you’re sure about your vacation dates and what type of boat rental you need. So no rush, but if you have your heart set on exploring Delray Beachand the greater South Florida coast by boat, then make the reservation.

    2. Choose a boat rental based on your recreational goals.

    If you want to go fishing, then reserve a fishing boat rental that’s fully equipped for a fishing expedition. Similarly, if all you want is a lazy, slow ride along the FL coast, then don’t get a ski-boat rental designed for speed. A pontoon boat rental may be more your style. Do a little research and decide which boat rental is best for your vacation plans.

    3. Make sure the boat rental is safety equipped.

    Don’t take a chance on a boat-rental deal if it doesn’t offer the proper safety equipment, including life jackets, anchor, horn or whistle, and adequate supply of gas. Also, make sure the boat-rental company is forthright in how it maintains its boat rentals to keep them in top condition.

    4. Get a boating license.

    If you don’t hold a boating license, boat-rental companies require you to take an exam granting you either a temporary or permanent boating license. At Beach Water Sports, we provide an on-site exam that allows anyone born after January 1, 1988 to obtain a temporary boating license.

    5. Choose a boat rental company with good customer service.

    Boat-rental beginners should choose a watersport rental company that has superior customer service. You want to make sure they will take the time and attention you need so you can feel confident reserving your boat rental and taking it out on the water.

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